The EU Project TelliSys has successfully completed its first test run!


The TelliSys combination has been tested by the international logistic partner GEFCO to prove and to show the possibilities of the new concept for the future intermodal logistic market. During the tests truck, trailer and container have been used intensively within intermodal transport operations. The main focus laid on handling, usability and the usage on road, rail, and waterways as well as the demands of the shippers.

In order to test the day-to-day operations, the new developed loading unit was transported to the multimodal terminal in Herne (Germany) in March 2015, where several handling tests were performed. Besides, the MSB was transported by train to Busto Arsizio (Italy) as a roundtrip, coming back four days after. The loading and unloading of goods were tested at GEFCO branch in Mainz (see pictures below).

The TelliSys combination is fully certified and can be used without restriction within the European market. In these tests TelliSys has shown that it is possible to achieve 20% greater efficiency for container transportation and the practicality of the system.