The project TelliSys – Intelligent transport system for innovative intermodal freight transport promotes the EU’s objective of optimizing the performance of intermodal logistic chains and provides smooth and cooperative interactions between different modes of transport. The project has started on December 2012 and is founded within the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Union for a period of 3 years. TelliSys is being carried out by an  interdisciplinary  European  consortium  of  experts  in  the  field  of  freight forwarding,  manufacturing  and  science. It is the follow-up project of TelliBox – Intelligent MegaSwapBoxes for advanced Intermodal Transport

The outcomes of TelliSys will be a modular “family” of volume-optimised loading units for intermodal traffic, so called MegaSwapBoxes (MSB), by combining the advantages of existing loading units, as well as an adapted semi-trailer for intermodal loading units and an innovative low deck tractor for volume transport


TelliSys project approach

The overall project approach of TelliSys is subdivided into six essential phases: Analysis, Conception, Evaluation, Decision, Planning and Construction. After testing the first prototypes an optimisation loop is integrated in order to allow additional improvements of the developed system.