Super Low-Deck Tractor and Trailer Chassis


Super Low-Deck tractor

A super low deck tractor is developed with a fifth wheel height of 850 mm and Euro 6 standard to have the best performance in terms of environmental impact for intermodal maximum volume transport.

Within the TelliSys consortium, DAF has developed a Super Low-Deck tractor. By lowering the chassis behind the engine and by the use of a very compact rear wheel suspension in combination with 22.5" wheels on the driven axle, a fifth wheel height of only 85 cm is achieved. In addition, the special Low-Deck tractor has a lightweight 4.4-tonne trailing axle with 17.5" wheels to achieve a GVW of 44 tonnes.

  Super Low-Deck tractor 
  Type   FTr 6x2
  Axle load

  11,5 t driven axle

  4,0 t tag axle

  Fifth wheel height 
  850 mm
  Regulation   Euro 6
  Vehicle weight   Target 8.000 kg
  Maximum GCW   44 t


Trailer chassis

A lightweight low deck trailer chassis for 45 ft loading units is developed, which is adaptable to different loading units of the same ISO length. The same low deck chassis can be also manufactured for 40 ft loading units.

  Size   45 ft
  Hitch   Gooseneck
  Weight   Target 3,850 kg  
  Coupling height   850 mm



Goodyear has developed special new tyres for the project, which are characterized by a small height but high load capacity. The new steer and drive truck tyres significantly contribute to the overall capability of the super low deck TelliSys truck to carry higher volume loading units.