TelliSys outcomes


Family of MegaSwapBoxes

The product family of 45 ft MegaSwapBoxes with Continental, Automotive and Intercontinental versions are optimized for different use cases. The Automotive MSB, e.g., offers 2970 mm internal height that is required to stack 3 metre trays on top of each other. The hinged roof and openable long sides make loading and unloading easy.   



Super Low-Deck tractor with Purpose-Built Tyres

The innovative Super Low-Deck tractor with a fifth wheel height of 850 mm was created to increase the available cargo volume without exceeding EU limitations of 4m total vehicle height. New low profile tyres for the steered and driven axle allow high load capacities at a very low tyre height.    


Intermodal reference scenario

TelliSys has the potential to drastically reduce CO2 emission. The results of a life cycle assessment (LCA) show a reduced global warming potential of up to 25% compared to mega trailers and high cube containers in the intermodal reference scenario. Business case calculations show a possible cost reduction of up to 15% compared to a mega trailer system in the same scenario.